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Vicki L. Loyer

The Core of Recovery.  If you are concerned about your behavior or a loved one's behavior, you have come to the right place.  Typical issues brought into this practice involve Recovery from a variety of challenges in marriage,  divorce, parenting, illness, and addiction. Many people struggle with depression, anxiety, and anger. Our work together can address any of these concerns.  Individual, Marriage, and Family Therapy can provide you with useful tools in addressing your current dilemma.  You benefit from an outside lens, one of a trained professional, who can help you decide exactly how the re-occuring processes in your life  keep you feeling stuck.  After a short time of working in therapy, you can begin to feel empowered by having a direction:  We work toward the goal of discovering what you need to do to create an environment that supports your positive path to growth and well-being.

As a competency-focused therapist, I use evidence-based therapies.  This means that depending on the issue you present we may use communication skills training, parent education, solution-focused therapy, or cognitive behavioral therapies: most often your work will be in the here and now rather than with recalling your history.  Once we have worked with the current process that is blocking you from reaching your personal and family goals, then we may look back in history.  This look back is so that you have a better understanding of how the dilemmas were maintained, and you can identify the qualities and skills you used to meet the intra- and interpersonal demands as they were presented in the past. 

As a family systems therapist there are often times when the client I work with is actually a couple or an entire family.  Family systems are powerful, and can provide the optimum environment for healing.  They can also inadvertently reinforce negative or unhealthy patterns. Sometimes it takes as little as identifying and redirecting over-caring or fear responses to create a much more comfortable family environment.

Sometimes, all that is needed to unlearn unhealthy patterns, and replace them with healthy patterns, is an experience.  Horses are wonderful co-therapists.  Because of their size and their status as prey animals, they provide the venue that is best suited to clear and consistent communication, productive methods of conflict management, and honest connection.  As an Equine Assisted Therapist, I can offer you equine assisted therapy when it is the experiential mode of therapy best suited to your current needs.

Woman Riding HorsePlease call or email me for an appointment today to explore your business relationships, family relationships,  or individual areas of grief, loss, and/or addiction.  Visit my blog at

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